NCBTMB - Continuing Ed for Massage Therapist

Medical Massage Therapy Complete Practice Certification. 
(12 CE Hours per Intensive)      $250.00/ 1 Intensive

Graduate from any Massage Therapy Program/Student Massage Therapist with Swedish and Deep Tissue Techniques Completed. 
 A complete package of treatment protocols to help you provide quality therapeutic massage therapy for your  medical massage clients. These are highly concentrated action packed weekends designed to help you create an effective treatment model for you clients with problematic physical restrictions, post injury or accident care. Walk away with tools you can utilize immediately. 

     Offered    12 CE hours (NCBTMB)$250.00
Part 1 for the Low Back and Hips: The American Chiropractic Association have conducted studies that show 80% of Americans with have debilitating back pain at least once in their lifetime. We can change the pain with our new skills. Research by the TRI has shown massage therapy is one of the best ways to reduce pain associated with low back safely and naturally.

    Offered    12 CE hours (NCBTMB)$250.00
 Part 2 Neck and Shoulders: Whiplash is one of the the most confusing and poorly treated injury in the medical industry. Massage therapy has been proven (many times over) to be an extremely effective way to decrease pain levels and soft tissue restriction for persons suffering from whiplash injuries. Tension Migraine Headaches are another symptom of problematic neck muscles. 

     Offered   12 CE hours (NCBTMB) $250.00
 Part 3 Extremities. We will look at specific treatments for wrist, elbow, knee and ankle overuse injuries and restriction patterns for the entire body when problems arise in them. 

Pre-requisites:Massage Student with Swedish techniques and Deep Tissue Techniques/ Practicing Massage Therapist / Graduate from Massage Therapy Program

Offering 6 CE hours (Pending NCBTMB Approval) $250.00
Insurance Billing For Medical Massage Therapists. 
Insight in how to set up office as a medical massage practitioner. Utilizing many tools and how to give care to others seeking work after an auto-accident, workers compensation claim or various health insurance that know that massage therapy is a benefit for their clients. 

These techniques were developed by Lynne Jordan BA, RMT, NCBTMB approved Provider. (instructor) over a 12 year period from various medical modalities and utilized in practice at University of Colorado Hospital. She is the Director of the Medical Massage Internship Program at University of Colorado Hospital and is involved in Massage Therapy Research with Dr. Albert Moraska. The workshops are highly experiential and designed to help you not only begin using deductive analysis when doing a patient intake but, also providing you a proven working protocol to use with clients that need more than just a swedish massage for their problematic areas.