What We Do

 Patients are prescribed 
Medical Massage Therapy for help with 

Whiplash Injury, 

Frozen Shoulder,
 Tension Migraine Headaches, 
Low Back Pain, 
Knee Pain, 
Repetitive Use Injuries
Elevated Stress Levels.

The Dedicated, Caring Therapists in our Clinic Are

 Certified Massage Therapists and Specialty Trained!

Expert Medical Massage (Call for Fees) 
**** Auto Insurance, UMR (larimer county), Workers Comp Insurance Accepted***
Click here for a Prescription to take to your Doctor for Massage Therapy.

 Ask you Doctor if they think Massage Therapy is for you!
Must Be Prescribed by your Doctor  
We Accept Some Insurance and Most Health Savings Plans.

 Expert Medical Massage must be prescribed by your Doctor and approved by your Insurance Company. 1-855-323-8837 Call Us and we will

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